Starting a Curated Box Business

Starting a Curated Box Business

Right now I have more questions than answers.  I feel like I'm trying to pour rain back into the sky.  I know what I want but can't seem to make any headway.  I'm stuck and I've never even started!  

I decided to journal about the process of starting a business. I didn't do that when I start my sympathy gift company and I wish I had.  I wish I could lean back on those early start up days and remember the confusion and fear.

But here I am.  I've been trying to figure out what comes first, the packaging or the products.  I've looked at branded boxes and sounds like to be cost effective I need to order 1,000 boxes.  WOW.  How do you do that when you could be making a huge mistake on size??  So do you order products?  

I ordered sample boxes from Uline and here's what I've decided.  Really 4" boxes are better.  I want to sell candles and mugs so I think I need the extra buffer.

The problem is, when you begin to talk about box sizes, you can't ignore the shipping cost questions.  And then you learn that cubic shipping is the cheapest solution.  So you hop down that rabbit hole and find cubic rate calculator and you plug in your box size and you see that you can't keep it in the lowest rate so you play around with size and then get frustrated because you see that no matter what, you're not going to be able to stay in the least expensive shipping tier.

And besides, you still have no box or products!  LOL!

I felt like I'd really made progress today when I woke up and decided I was going to build my first products around some custom mugs I have coming in from MUDLOVE.  I have 36 mugs.  I'm going to curate products for 36 boxes.  I'm going to make a decision on 36 boxes.  But I first I need what else is going into the boxes.  And how will I make the boxes look semi-branded.  So that lead me to google "Creative ways to brand boxes" and "semi-custom packaging".  

I wasn't crazy about what I found so I started trying to google "packaging designers".

Now I'm waiting on my coffee to finish.  I have made no progress on the business even though I've been working for hours.  Meanwhile I looked back on my last few journal entries:

9/17/2020I still feel all over the place when it comes to the new business.  My question is, what next? It's time.  I'm ready.  But I'm confused on my action steps.

9/20/2020: Yep. Still all over the place.

I have not landed a single plane today.  The control tower is still chaotic. I have absolutely no idea where to go from here or which direction to turn.  There is no map.  Just a compass that points to my North Star.  Keep walking.



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