I love makers.  

Not in the romantic kind of way, but the borderline obsessed with them kind of way.  

I'll admit it.  I'm envious.  I'm envious of the women who spend their days in studios, crafting, creating.  So I figured, if I can't be one of them (think NO talent at all), I'll do my best to elevate them.  Those businesses I love that are creating meaning or adding beauty to the world.  Let me lay down tracks for them.  Give them a pretty place to showcase their designs.  

So this is a different kind of store.  It is not the Wal-Mart kind of gift store.  It is a store where you will pay a fair price for people who create great gifts.  Many of them handmade.  I want to support their craft.  Their mission.   You're going to pay more.  And it's going to be worth it.  But it's not for everyone.  I get it.