Unique Birthday Gifts for Her | Messy Pretty Gifts


What is a good birthday gift for a girl?


Soy Candle:  Each 9 oz soy based candle is Made in the USA using premium fragrance oil and a proprietary soy based wax blend.  With a burn time of 40 plus hours, this birthday candle will last long after her special day is over.  Each candle features three layers of scented birthday bliss:

  • Top: Tahitian Vanilla
  • Middle: Powdered Sugar
  • Base: Buttered Rum 

Multicolor Matches:  

Our festive safety matches are the perfect compliment to our birthday candle. Modern and chic, our rainbow match sticks make lighting our candle even more special!  Each bottled match includes:

  • Color: Multicolor Rainbow
  • 3.75” Match Sticks
  • Approximately 60 Matches Per Jar
  • Safety Matches
  • Strike Match on Strike Pad on Jar to Light
  • Glass Jar Size: 5 ⅜ x 2 x 2”
  • Designed in the USA
Rustic Paulownia Wooden Tray: Our wooden tray is the perfect display to hold the candle and match combination.  After the candle and matches have been enjoyed thoroughly, this lovely tray is a lasting gift that can hold jewelry, keys, soap dispensers and more.  Size: 6.87 x 3.68 x .75"