Facial Mask Bowl and Spoon Set | Premium Beauty Mask Mixing Set

SKU: Tree & Goat Mask Set

The perfect compliments to mix and apply your powdered mask which require non-metal tools. They are Super soft and luxurious, Biodegradable, Sustainable & Reusable.

Our facial mask 

  • Tree and Goat Set: Waterproof Bag set with Rubberwood mixing bowl, a super soft goat hair applicator brush with wooden handle and 100% Bamboo mixing spoon
  • Brush and Spoon Set: Hake brush with a wooden handle & goat hair brush and Bamboo mixing spoon

About the Maker:

Nash Jones is small family owned and operated company that exists to love others.  Every product is created with sustainability in mind and was designed to help you nurture and care for your temple.

The company goes way beyond skin care.  Their products are designed to deliver goodness, self worth and love to you.  Because the more you love yourself, the more abundantly you can love the world.